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I've had my shop, Bethies Cards, open since June 7, 2016 and ArtYah has grown with many more shops, so I thought I'd take a moment to introduce my readers to a sampling of some of the many great shops that are open on!  

Here, I will list ten shops and an item from each to wet your whistle.  If you click on their shop name (banner), it will take you to their store.  I invite all my readers to go check out these wonderful shops.  There are so many different items for sale, I'm sure you will find something that will interest you!  So, without further ado...

Ravens Bend Folk Art

A brief history of ArtYah:  The site was started by the owner, Craig, in September 2015 with a few sellers, grew to about 50 sellers in March 2016, an additional 50 sellers in June and during the month of June, the seller base grew to 800!  ArtYah does NOT allow manufacturers to sell manufactured goods and are on top of copyright and trademark issues.  Their gallery view allows sellers to pay a small amount to be shown in their sliding header and if sellers wish, they can pay a very small amount of money to be listed on the front page of the site. There are also other options available to sellers when they are in the listing section. is a great venue to have a shop and I encourage anyone who is thinking about starting a shop or needing another shop venue, to come and sign up!  ArtYah! has some wonderful perks and a great owner, Craig, who has been working tirelessly to get the site just perfect for his sellers.  Many new things have been added and many more still to come!

Some of the things that are offered on ArtYah! are:
  • No listing fees
  • Sell using an Auction or Fixed pricing format
  • Unlimited listings
  • Site accepts PayPal
  • Pay just $5.00 which registers the seller with PayPal
  • You can favorite a shop
  • Vacation mode
  • New items show first
  • Auction page now has a "auction" block on the page
  • Continue shopping button 

Things that are in the works:
  • Categories are being reworked
  • Etsy uploader is almost done
  • And, I'm sure, many more great things to come!
If you are interested in setting up a shop, please visit this page:

Thank you for taking the time to read all about ArtYah and for reading my blog.